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Poland Czech-Republic Slovak-Republic Hungary Estonia Latvia Lithuania Cyprus Malta
Poland Czech - Republic Slovak - Republic Hungary Estonia Latvia Lithuania Cyprus Malta
Many people dream about living in a nice place, in a nice home. Maybe this is also your dream. Maybe even your favorite place is California. Mine was for many years, that’s why I am here. I enjoy every moment of living in this gorgeous place. You can probably see it watching my videos that I place on Youtube. I am glad many people enjoy my movies. Many write to me saying they would like so much to live here. Maybe you too would like to come to America or visit it. Now, I am in position to show you how you can make this dream come true. See my new web
New Revolution:
We need to create petitions to the governments of
Cyprus, Czech-Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovak-Republic and USA
Only together we can achieve this goal. We need 10,000,000 letters.
Statue Dr. James Jay Carafano
Dr. James Jay
has the
for us
And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you --- ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, Friday, January 20, 1961
John F. Kennedy
Dr. Carafano is one of The Heritage Foundation's leading scholars in defense affairs, military operations and strategy, and homeland security. Recognizing that the war against terrorism will be a protracted conflict, his research focuses on developing the national security that the nation needs to secure the long-term interests of the United States-protecting its citizens, providing for economic growth, and preserving civil liberties.
But, I cannot imagine a visa abolishment for Poland only. Americans do not like to treat anybody in some special way, it would instantly cause an accusation that this or other senator gets involved in it because he wants to gain a support of voters with Polish roots. We could try a third option - to come out as a group. These nine countries should come up with a mutual initiative, they should say together to USA, "We, your close allies, suggest the following steps in order to quickly waive visas." Then, it would be difficult for America so refuse.
The ultimate goal of this website is to make the American government let the following countries
Cyprus, Czech-Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovak-Republic
join the group of the countries which citizens do not need a visa to visit USA
The only way to accomplish this goal would be a united action of the governments of these countries upon this task.
Two tasks:
- to make the government of your country act upon this goal
- and to make the American government take a desired action - to include your country and the remaining eight countries in the group of the countries where no American visa is required to visit USA
The people, In order to make the governments do that, we, the people, the citizens of these countries, have to take initiative in our hands and show our government that this is something important to us. We should make it aware how we feel about this issue, and that we believe that the American government should treat the citizens of our countries as fairly as our governments treat American citizens who can come to our countries without visa.
VERY EASY These two tasks seam difficult, but in fact they are VERY EASY to accomplish. By a combined action of all of us - people like you and I - we can accomplish that easily thanks to this powerful tool - the Internet.
The power is in unity and quantity.
All we have to do is to follow the following simple steps.
No 1 1. Quickly collect a certain number of petitions from the citizens of each of the nine countries, and also petitions from the citizens of these countries living in the USA, as well as petitions from Americans who support our initiative - ten millions of petitions in total
No 2 2. Deliver simultaneously to the government of each of nine countries, and to the American government, 10 millions of petitions = four thousands of standard boxes containing 2,500 of paper sheets each
Only four thousands of standard boxes

By mail



sign click

on picture

link below

No 3 3. The governments of each of the nine countries cannot ignore voices of such a number of its own citizens and the citizens of the remaining countries involved, and must collectively act upon this goal. As well as the American government cannot ignore such an impressive amount of petitions supporting the same case, especially that it will be witnessed and reported by mass media.
We need to create petitions
From the last 1. Appeal to approve US Visa Waiver Program for EU members…. Frattini said that some countries make bigger progress than others
moment 2. Country: The Chief of majority in the US Senate visiting Poland, Bill Frist, said that he would support in the US Senate amendment about Visa Waiver for Poles
It seams that media did not mention about the visit of Bill Frist. Of course, I did not check every newspaper. I found a note on the Internet. The above information is available in Yahoo group after registration.
I can see that a petition directed to the USA will be very important.
That’s why we have to use two ways of submitting the petition:
Electronic We’re going to use the website that is just ready for this purpose
By mail We’re going to use registration in Yahoo groups
The registration in Yahoo group is very important. Every country will have its own group. We will be using this service for the communication purpose.
A new possibility - you can open an account in a Polish language version if you don’t have a Yahoo account yet. You need to look for the language you speak.

This is your first step.

Below, there are details regarding filling up the electronic petition - it will be helpful to those who don’t speak English - I also placed there other very important details of our action.

298,540,066 (3rd)
1% - 2,985,400
When this entire rectangular of boxes will be fully filled up, there will be 1 000 000 petitions. We assume that for Poland it should be minimum of 10% from Poland alone..
2,985,400 from

USA minimum

Your next step will be to sign up to the created right for this purpose
Yahoo Group

Visit the USA without a Visa

Subscribe to Visit the USA without a Visa
Powered by
USA Yahoo Group
In Yahoo groups of interest there are many options prepared that can be used depending on the purpose of a given group. Please put your personal data again, it will be very limited. This information will be used later to print the petition - on distance or each of you will print it on his own - and to send it to the government of each of these countries and to USA - if it would be necessary - directly to the address of the American Congress, or to a temporary address where they will be stored to be sent all together at the same time - 10 000 000 of petitions - to the US Congress.

ALSO the number of people registered in each Yahoo group will be automatically the number of petitions from each country.

If you use anti-spam filters, please do not block e-mails from yahoo group
10 000 000 sheets of paper - such like in these boxes - weights 50 tons - without envelopes. This special Freight cars… above has cargo 64 tons.
This is our trump ace - nobody can ignore something like that. But this is for the future - I believe it won’t be necessary.
Your third step will be to sign the electronic petition
On the website

please fill up the boxes also with detailed address - the address is not visible to the other users neither to the others signing the petition, and e-mail and the data won’t be used by third parties - this information will only increase the credibility of the petition.

You can add your comment, but this is not mandatory. Please exercise a very important option to send the petition to your friends. Email this petition to your friends.

You have a choice, but you can't change it later
Thank you for not thinking too long before you sign.
And now - please, take a moment to get familiar with the information below - it is important if we want our action to be success
We - Witold, Rosa and our friends, are so determined to make this action success that we will personally deliver 4 thousand boxes=10 million petitions to Washington to the American Congress, in several trucks, if it would be necessary.
We, as also American citizens, believe that Polish nation which finally got back its freedom deserved to be treated equally by this great country so proud of giving everybody equal rights. Just open a history book and read - or maybe you remember what you learned at school - how many Poles contributed to the American independence and democracy.
For many years, Poland was behind the iron curtain. Polish goods haven’t been treated seriously as something worse and mostly they have been ignored - very few Polish products have been selling in the West. It wasn’t a sound situation, because western countries have been assuming that Polish products just have to be of poor quality, only because they were made in a communist country.
It’s about time for Europe and USA to have an opportunity to get to know, choose and purchase many superior Polish products. Polish butcher-delicatessen just started to conquer Great Britain - only because Brits by accidents had recently an opportunity to get familiar with them thanks to a new waive of Polish workers who can now legally work in England within the European Union. The West simply has to know about Polish products, to know what wonderful products Poland can offer - whether it comes to an assortment or a quality.

Now is the right time for Poland - as an American ally in the world politics - to come into existence on American market.

Being a great dreamer, when many years ago I was introduced the first time to the Internet, I knew right away that some day I will use its potential for the benefit of many millions of people. With my friends, I initiated a project, and now we need specialists and people of good will to help this project quickly bring the desired result. Now everything depends on how much you want to have a possibility to visit America without visa, without waiting in long lines in front of American Embassy being treated as second sort of people.
We also believe that thanks to our initiative the countries that are the closest neighbors of Poland - or rather citizens of these countries - would be able to establish direct mutual contacts beyond any government strategies - simple human relations within a business activity. And a good economy is a fundamental requirement if we want to have a happy society - it applies to every country. Lets not wait for governmental decisions - right now, at any time we choose we can establish cooperation on European and American markets - through our own initiative. Also within Europe alone - lets get to know each other anew as the closer or further neighbors and wonderful European nations with such a long and interesting history. There is a huge number of business people interested in personal business contacts standing above the politics and all its weak points - many such contacts already exist for years and they proved success, also on a strictly personal level. The point is to develop this on a big scale - for the benefit of all the people who participate in it as well as of their countries.
___I Need Help___ <<<I know that the number of visits on the websites will instantly result in an increased traffic on the servers in the company that provides for me hosting, because in this procject I setup also 10 subdomen each for contry. That’s why every donation will be very important and helpful to cover the costs of maintaining this huge project.. >>

People &
I don’t know at the present moment how much of time I will need to take care of this project, that’s why I mentioned about people of good will so that we could handle together this huge project. We - Witold and Rosa - can take care of things that are in English or Polish, but we would certainly need people who besides of English speak languages of the other countries participating in this action.

Ronald Reagan Picked As Best President In Nationwide Survey

John F. Kennedy
Most important
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Inaugural Address,
January 20, 1961

All length
We Will Never Forget


Visit the
without a Visa
For these countries
Poland Czech-Republic Slovak-Republic Hungary Estonia Latvia Lithuania Cyprus Malta
Poland Czech - Republic Slovak - Republic Hungary Estonia Latvia Lithuania Cyprus Malta