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If you're looking for freedom,

love, independence and money,

you are in the right place.

Quadruple opportunity is coming to you. Our company is expanding market for incredible new product people are already ready to buy. Actually, they are even addicted to it.
If you're reading this, if not Rosa or me, probably one of our friends or partners gave you the link to this site. Read and listen very carefully and take very seriously everything you will find here. And then get back to the person who gave you this link. We will be working together as a team.
Some of the countries where we expand our business:
USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine (contact us for the complete list of the countries)
If you got to this website, you should already have seen International Train To Success Business Project site and watched the videos placed there. On that site, there is enough information to get you started with us - Witold and Rosa - or with the person from our team who sent you the link or links with information about this business.

You should already have seen the video with Holton Buggs who is our sponsor and guides us in building our international team of people. Below on this site you're going to find not only our story, but also the reason why we created this website ameryka.org, why we would like to help as many people as we can to become entrepreneurs and be happy in their family and business life. On our sites, beginning with what you will learn from the video right below, you're going to educate yourself about the global economy and the reasons why becoming entrepreneur is the most important solution in your life regardless of where you live and what you do now. You are going to gain the most important and valuable knowledge for free. What you're going to find on our sites is not only our experience coming from 40 years of being happy together and successfully going through many challenges, but also what we've learned from our parents regarding everything that is most important for every human being.

Mark Yarnell [Buy You A Dream]

If you're looking for freedom,

love, independence and money,

you are in the right place.

To be really independent, to have a freedom of choice, and to fully enjoy your freedom, you need money and a peace of mind. You need a loving family and to be sure that you give them what they deserved.
No government, no politicians will change your life for better. They won't teach you what you need to do to be independent. They don't want you to have a proper knowledge, so that they can better control you. Only you, the way how you think and coming from that actions of yours, can produce positive changes in your life.
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States. Friday, January 20, 1961 John F. Kennedy
And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.
My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.
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Together, we can achieve our real freedom.
"If someone offers you an amazing opportunity
and you're not sure you can do it,
say yes - then learn how to do it later."
- Richard Branson
With the best available sponsor, my senior-partner, you can be a passenger or even one of the train drivers in our International Train to Success business project.
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Now the entire world is facing various economic problems. Despite all the challenging changes in the world and American economy and their impact on people's lives, the United States of America is still the country of the greatest opportunities.
A few decades ago, in 1981, my wife Rosa and I had to leave our country, because at that time, under communism, opportunities to take control of our life and to reach financial independence did not exist. Ten years later, at the beginning of 90's, soon after Poland regained her freedom after years under communism, Rosa and I went to Poland to introduce to fellow-countrymen the concept of free enterprise. But the business we built together could not operate internationally.
Now, such an opportunity through people like my wife and me can be offered to people in various countries all over the world. Also each of our partners in those countries can work not only with people in their country, but can also have a business on a global scale.
How we work with you
You need to know first the specific, unique character of this business. You must understand that this is a 100% opposite situation than in a regular business or job, where others are your competitors and won't help you, and if you for any reason don't work for a few days, you're not getting paid, or may even be replaced by someone else. - Here, no one will compete with you, and no one can replace you. People above you benefit from your success, that's why they want you to succeed and will be helping you to get there. This line of people above you is your support line, and it always will be. You should understand the power of the support line in our business. As a matter of fact, in our business probably as much as 90% of your potential success depends on this support, provided you are "coachable" and follow all the advices. Of course, you also have to put 100% of a serious, dedicated work to achieve a big success. But if you aim for high achievements, people above you - your support line - will support you and teach you, you just must be ready to learn. If you prove serious, you will be never left alone while you work towards your goals. We work like a team with our partners who got to our train - our International Train to Success business project.
My family story - Witold and Rosa
More than 20 years ago I experienced on myself introducing to the Polish people a new way of thinking right after Poland regained her freedom after a few decades of communism. Independent way of thinking was prohibited by the communist government. This is because independent thinking was dangerous for the communist system, as well as it is for any system that doesn't want citizens to grow up on their own, so that those above them can remain in power. If the citizens don't know that they possess their own inner power and can change their reality, they can be easily controlled and manipulated by the government. Over four years spent in Poland, working with people and introducing them to everything that I have learned within a few years in America, gave me an incredible joy and satisfaction. With my wife Rosa, we tried to pass on to Polish people information on everything that matters in human life, everything that may contribute to people's well-being and happiness.
Now, twenty years later, I can see I have to do it again, because a new generation of people in Poland needs exactly the same information and guidance. So many young people in Poland lost hope and they escape to different countries in Europe to look for opportunities. Most of them are optimistic, but they need the same type of information I used to pass on to Poles twenty years ago. Then, it required my physical presence in Poland to have that personal face-to-face contact. Now, thanks to the Internet tools and video, I can personally get in touch with my old friends in Poland and also many new people. With people not only in Poland, but also in many other countries. Because people need this knowledge and help no matter in what country they live, and I would like to provide it for them. From this website you can learn so many different subjects I used to teach also those years. But what's important, in the meantime the power of human mind has been thoroughly studied by doctors and scientists, and laboratory testes provided irrefutable proofs that our thoughts create our reality. That's why positive thinking is the only way to reprogram human mind to produce positive changes in people's lives and to attract success and happiness. People need to realize it, no matter where they live. I can hear from many Polish people statements ridiculing positive thinking; I can compare it only to the situation when someone would say there is no air or no gravity. To really understand how your mind works without going through thorough and long studies, listen to the video by Dr. Joe Dispenza below. He is a genius in explaining what to do to bring about positive changes in your life.
Three Brains - Thinking to Doing to Being (Joe Dispenza)
As you already know, I am in the process of creating international team of people who want to be financially independent. I want in my team positively thinking people only, as what we want to accomplish together can be done only by people with this kind of attitude towards life and others. Together, we will build an incredible business which has only positive aspects for everybody involved. Everybody involved will benefit in terms of their finances as well as their body-mind health. The second time in my life, I have an incredible mentor and teacher, and under his guidance I work with my team to help my positively thinking partners develop their financial independence. Read and watch everything I suggest you on this site and my other sites. If you don't understand English watching the videos, get a program that will translate it for you - will put subtitles, or even voice over, in your language. Remember - always look for a solution, not for a problem. If you are a positive thinker, you know that... :)
Working with us in this business, you will also learn how to fully use your potential, your - sometimes hidden - talents and abilities. You will get recognition for your work, you will be somebody. The need to be somebody is a part of human nature. It can lead some in a wrong direction - that's why people join gangs. With us, you can really "be somebody", somebody others appreciate, admire, want to follow and imitate.
Did you ever think what "to be somebody" really means to you, in your life? Depending on your age, place where you live and circumstances around you, you create your vision of who you would like to be that many times is not really your own. Or even worse - you gave up your true dreams of "being someone", because you believe you cannot in your present situation achieve anything in your life. Too many obstacles you think you cannot overcome. And you say to yourself, "I have to do what I have to do." You maybe even had beautiful and bold dreams before, but your good friends or family members crashed them into pieces telling you you cannot do it, because you don't have skills or resources. They maybe told you other people can have it, but not you. If you believe what other people tell you, and - most importantly - you're afraid what they're going to say about you if you try to do something new, your life will be miserable. Did you know that on the list of life situations people are afraid of, the fear of what others would say about you is number one, stronger than a fear of terminal diseases or even death? But I have good news for you: regardless of your present situation, you can reprogram your mind to be able to change your life and finally "be somebody", with a happy family and financial resources you and your family need. You can turn your life into a happy life. I'm not saying it will be easy. It requires smart work and persistence, but it can be done, if you will take seriously everything I will tell you, watching certain videos and following my instructions. Everything what my wife or I will tell you, comes from our or other people's life experience. Many times this will be a new knowledge and instructions that you can apply in your life right away.
Don't be afraid to start right away - don't procrastinate waiting for a better time in your life. You have to make time now, to be able to start to dream now. You can be a part of the team of dreamers and achievers in our International Train to Success business project.
If you're reading this, if not Rosa or me, probably one of my friends or partners gave you the link to this site. Read and listen very carefully and take very seriously everything you will find here. And then get back to the person who gave you this link. We will be working together as a team.
Greetings from

Witold & Rosa

Own Your Life Partners - Witold, Rosa, Janek (Ya-neck), and others - leaded by the most amazing mentor Mr. Holton Buggs